Profession: Photojournalist. Part 2: Monochrome

2022; HD-video, 16:9: stereophonic audio; 03:43
By Elias ParvulescoBased on photographic works by Mykola Bilokon (1939-2020) from Pokrovsk Historic Museum and Lviv Center of City History Media-Archive.
It is the second work in a series that was created during the Summer Residency 'Un/archiving post/industry' by the Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe and influenced by Pokrovsk in the Donetsk region (by 2016 — Krasnoarmiisk). The video is based on Mykola Bilokon's heritage, who was a photojournalist, worked a lot for the 'Maiak' local newspaper, and visually reported different historical stages of Soviet and independent Ukraine. This part of a series discovers the textures of the photographer's work and its gifted skill to create dramatic images with light, dark and monochrome spectrum.