Profession: Photojournalist. Part 1: Hometown

2021; HD-video, 16:9: stereophonic audio; 08:00
By Elias ParvulescoBased on photographic works by Mykola Bilokon (1939-2020) and interview with him recorded by Iryna Sklokina.Work includes archival materials from Pokrovsk Historic Museum and Lviv Center of City History Media-Archive.
Mykola Bilokon worked as a photojournalist for the 'Maiak' newspaper in Krasnoarmiisk (since 2016 — Pokrovsk). More than four decades in his professional career coincided with several different historical stages of Soviet and independent Ukraine. Bilokon's lens skillfully captured a slice of the changing transformations of the district center of Donetsk region from portraits of working people and official celebrations of the "stagnation" era to the strikes and poverty of the 1990s.The video work is based on the photographer's archive. On the one hand, it continues to explore Pokrovsk's urban transformations, on the other hand, it reflects the very photographic desire to look closely at the relentless flow of time and things.
Public exhibitions:31.07.2021 presentation during 'Un/archiving post/industry' summer school-residency, Pokrovsk