Proper Man

2017; SD-video; 18:30
Directors: Stanislav Menzelevskyi, Anna Onufriienko, Elias Parvulesco Commissioned by VCRC for Gray Cube exhibition (curated by Kateryna Mishchenko).
Film-collage "Proper Man" research the phenomenon of "blat" as one of the forms of corruption in the late Soviet times, when the transition period between planned and market economy took places. In that times in the early 1990's the stagnation of the system of redistribution of resources ended with its total collapse. Feature films of the 90s is a unique form that reflects the optical unconscious of the epoch — materiality and rhetoric of "blat". The authors create a kind of a vocabulary of "blat", considering it into the context of other late Soviet toposes — such as a queue or a deficit.
Public screenings:08.09–08.10.2018 at the VCRC, Kyiv (Gray Cube exhibition)16.09– 08.10.2018 at the Platform “ТЮ!”, Mariupol (Gray Cube exhibition) 06–13.10.2018 at the Kharkiv School of Architecture, Kharkiv (Gray Cube exhibition)17–30.10.2018 at the Bunker Gallery, Chisinau, Moldova (Gray Cube exhibition)