04.09-20.09.2020Mala Galereya of Mystetskyi Arsenal (Мала галерея Мистецького арсеналу), KyivTeta Tsybulnyk and Elias Parvulesco (a.k.a ruїns collective) personal exhibitionCurator: Natasha Chichasova
Through the act of giving a name for something, humanity is grasping the world. People give names, characteristics for some phenomena and objects from which they construct a clear map of the environment. A map that gives peace, holistic vision and is legitimizing the position of power and control. Naming becomes an act of appropriation, and its objects become a resource. In the case of potential value, this resource is marked as important and used, while others, less useful, are destroyed. However, how does mastering and fitting bring us closer to understanding the environment? NHT is a presentation of a long-term research project of the interdisciplinary group ruїns collective, initiated by artists Teta Tsybulnyk and Elias Parvulesko. They are based on observation and immersion in the environment and deconstruction of sustainable views on it. During the artistic research they turn to the expedition as a way to immerse and inhabit the place / phenomenon of observation. A body of work which formed a video Non human trilogy came as the result of a deep dive into thorough search. Continuing the line of their own search, artists explore the environment with the help of sound - as a way to capture the ecosystem of a particular place. In the white space of the Mala Gallery, which is artificial in itself, there is a situation of internal contradiction between natural and unnatural. But at the same time, the meeting of these environments creates a space for stopping, leisurely contemplation, concentration, disclosure of implicit processes of object creation and makes possible a concentrated representation of different views on (non) human.