Lilith’s Community

2015; SD-video; 60:00
By Elias Parvulesco
According to the medieval religious text Alphabet of ben Sirach, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. Unlike Eve, she refused to obey her husband and considered herself equal to him. Lilith’s Community is a virtual utopian sorority created through artistic revision of history on the basis of positive gender discrimination and rejection of the tradition of male domination. Lilith’s Community is compiled out of eleven Ukrainian films of 1917–1930 by leaving only the episodes involving women. The editing was done not by creating artificial connections between the episodes, but by superimposing all source films according to the original chronology of episodes in each of them. Even with such hyperdensity, the film sometimes displays a black screen. It indicates that at this particular moment of the running time none of the eleven films featured a woman.
Public screenings:14-25.01.15 at «Today We Shall Not Meet» Course of Contemporary Art Exhibition, Closer Art Centre, Kyiv 28.11.15 at «We Are» Days of Ukrainian Auteur Cinema, Odesa 23.07.16 at Shody v kino, Arhiklub, Vinnytsia