Insect Echotaxis

2020; site-specific-installation (2-channel audio, 15 min; static spotlight)
by Teta Tsybulnyk, Elias Parvulescocomissioned by V:uncase residence
The installation employs light and acoustic stimuli designed for the population of insects inhabiting the territory of the Elektrovymiriuvach plant. The light sculpture on a pedestal triggers the phenomenon of phototaxis — the movement of living creatures towards the source of light. The accompanying acoustic composition based on the soundscapes of natural and technological origin emphasizes high frequencies detectable by the hearing organs of insects. The space around the plinth of the former Vladimir Lenin’s monument turns into a dance floor for moths and mosquitoes while being reminiscent of the pre-industrial, woody past of the plant’s territory.
Public exhibitings:08.08.2020, 20:36-05:45 as a part of V:uncase residence at the Elektroymiriuvach plant, Zhytomyr04.09-20.09.2020 part of the work during the NHT exhibition at the Mala Galereya of Mystetskyi Arsenal (Мала галерея Мистецького арсеналу), Kyiv