Complicated, Difficult, Abstruse

2017; 11 min.; HD-video; 16:9; video essay
by Elias Parvulesco
Based on the matetials of Ukrainian films and art works of the late 1920s and early 1930s, the work explores paradoxes of formation of the Soviet socialist realism.One of the main features of art and cinema of this period is a turn from reality to convention accompanied by the slogans of approaching the "true reality". The cinema of this period is defined by the beginning of sound époque. In the Soviet films of the 1930s, Socialist Realism appears as a contradictory phenomenon: on the one hand, it is marked by the semiotic decrease of convention (as compared to silent film); on the other hand, by its ideological increase (as compared to psychological drama of the 1920s). The work illustrates these contradictions by looking at extreme manifestations of reality in the artworks of this period, such as death, violence, pain and hunger.The work is a part of Socialist Realism. Seeming to Be Another research and artistic seminar by the Method Fund.

Public screening:10–21.01.2018 at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv23.08.2019 at the Nad Bohom art residency film program, Vinnytsia