A Year Later

2019; 08:38
by Stanislav BytiutskyiWith the participation of Oleksii Kolosov, Vladyslav Kuptsov, Maksym Zaitsev, Ju Toman
In 2017 near of the schools in the sleeping district of Novobilychi, an unknown man fired at a local pupil. A year later, this case has never been discovered. In 2018 shots were again heard in this district. The next night, a friend called me. She said that our common friend was injured.The film is part of the video series “Armed and Dangerous” by Mykola Ridnyi that focuses on the problem of militarization of the Ukrainian society, particularly the attitudes of youth towards violence and weapon.
Public screenings:31.01.-17.03.2019 at the Armed and Dangerous exhibition, Izolyatsia. Platform for Cultural Initiatives, Kyiv05.04.-04.05.2019 at the Armed and Dangerous exhibition, Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv26.05.2019 at the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, Kyiv16.06.2019 at the Plarforma Tiu, Mariupol16.08.2019 at the Cherkasy Art Museum during KinoShot Film Festival, Cherkasy31.10.2019 at the Terytoriia Teroru during Feminist Workshop event, Lviv30.11.2019 at the Galerija Nova, Zagreb